Winter Birthday Party Idea: Snow Theme


Growing up, I was never a big fan of my January birthday. Having a winter birthday prevented me from having pool parties, bon fires, trips to amusement parks, and other warm weather party activities. I used to look for party equipment rental in Colorado that could make my birthday somewhat fun for me and my friends. What winter birthdays have that other seasons lack, however, is the theme of snow. Every kid loves snow! Snow makes a great birthday theme for a child’s birthday party. Check out these ideas for creating a memorable snow themed kids’ birthday party.

Decorations: The decorations for a snow themed kids’ birthday party are a lot of fun for the kids to get involved with. First of all, create traditional cut out snowflakes from white paper. String the snowflakes up and hang them from the ceiling all over the room where the party will take place. Purchase white confetti (or use shredded paper from a cross-cut paper shredder!) and sprinkle it around the party table. Instead of having traditional cone shaped party hats, purchase cheap winter hats (toboggans) and decorate them with gift bows or curling ribbon. Cotton batting can be used around the party table and chairs as well to simulate snow. Finally, finish off your snow themed birthday party decorations with some spray snow to decorate the windows with special snowy scenery.

Food: The food for a snow themed birthday party won’t cost too much in terms of money or time spent preparing it. For the savory dishes of a snow themed birthday party, think white. White, “snow-like” dishes like raw cauliflower with veggie dip, mashed potatoes, macaroni and white cheddar cheese, and popcorn are all great foods that will reflect the snow theme. For the sweet party food, have vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and white sprinkles. If you really want to get fancy, try your hand at baked Alaska, a beautiful dessert perfect for a snow themed birthday party. To easily create the birthday cake, just frost a cake with white frosting, being sure to make mounds and peaks to simulate snow. These “snowy” foods will make a snow themed birthday party that much more special.

Activities: The activities for a snow themed kids’ birthday party will be enjoyed by all. First of all, you can make your own “snow cream.” Just use these easy instructions for ice cream in a bag and call it snow cream. Another great birthday party activity with a snow theme is snow man creation. Just purchase Crayola Model Magic for each child present and let him or her create a snowman out of it. Provide various items, such as scrap fabric, to decorate the snowmen. You may even want the birthday boy or another judge to pick a winning snowman. A final activity for a snow themed birthday party is “pin the nose on the snowman”. Play a traditional “pin the tail on the donkey” except cut a snowman out of white paper and provide carrot noses for the guests to attempt to pin on the snowman.

A snow themed birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate a winter birthday in a very special way. Use these ideas to create a unique and memorable snow themed birthday party for your winter baby.

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