Bellagio Poker Room: Is it Worth Entering?


The poker room at the Bellagio has become one of the most well-known places to play poker in the world. On any given day, a poker player will be able to see Hollywood celebrities, chart-topping music stars and some of the top professional poker players in the world. The Bellagio sometimes frowns on spectators, so chances are good you are going to play if you are going to go into their poker room. How do you know if it is worth playing with the money to get in?

There are some players that will enter the Bellagio poker room just so that they can say that they played there. There are other poker players that want to enter the Bellagio poker room so that they can learn from some of the greatest poker players in the world. There are others that just want to see what stars are playing. You should think about your reasoning first before entering. To learn more about Bellagio poker and Bellagio poker room you can check out, this will provide you a better insight to the game and its regulations.

First off, if you are only a mediocre player, chances are good that the top players, and sharks, in the room are going to be able to pick up o your lack of skill before you sit down at a table. I have heard sharks shifting tables quickly after seeing new, “marks,” enter the Bellagio poker room. These, “marks,” usually run away licking their wounds, and wondering why they have empty pockets.

If you goal is to simply say that you played in the Bellagio poker room, you should only budget a small amount of money for play. Unless you are a great player, greed, and the belief that you can win your money back might cloud your judgment. Figure out how much playing in the Bellagio Poker room is monetarily worth to you, and then buy the appropriate amount of chips.

It should also be noted here that many of the top professional poker players in the world will usually play in one of the two private high-stakes rooms at the Bellagio. While this is not always the rule, this should be kept in mind. The only way to enter these two rooms is to be able to show that you are willing to play with more money than the average house in worth in the United States.

There are, though, many professional, semi-professional, and great players that will play in the general area of the Bellagio poker room. Any astute player of poker will be able to learn a lot from these players in a very short amount of time. If you want to learn from them, budget a certain amount of money, and then stick with it. Do not play with more. Remember, these players reached the heights that they have because they stepped on a bunch of players like you on the way up.

You should also do what you can to play slowly in the Bellagio poker room. The slower you go through your money, the more you have a chance to learn from the greats of the poker world. You should not sit down at a table and go, “all in,” on your first hand, because you might have the chance of having a very short lesson.

Keep in mind that there will not be as many great players here while a major tournament is going on. Granted, this is the hangout when players have been eliminated, or after a day of play. You should try to take a look at the big poker tourney schedules which are available online, and in the poker room at the Bellagio, and at many other casinos.

If you are willing to go into the Bellagio poker room to see what celebrities are out, you should follow the same rules as those that are there to learn. Remember, the slower you play, the more celebrities you might see while you are there. Also, many of the major players and celebs that hang out in the Bellagio poker room are willing to sign autographs and take pictures if asked nicely.

The Bellagio poker room is where the top players go to hone their craft. If you want the chance to hone yours, see who is honing theirs, or say that you were there, the Bellagio poker room is a great place. Just keep these tips in mind to make sure that you do not have to head to the poor house after leaving the Bellagio poker room.

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