Tips On How To Be Better In Playing Online Poker


Online poker requires many skills, and a bit of luck. In this guide I will detail the In’s and Out’s of a playing a good hand of poker online.

Your hole cards are your starting position in the race. They have little effect on your hand, unless you wanna go all in Pre-Flop. Although there are some cards you just plain don’t want to play. Some of those are, 22(Pocket 2’s), 410(4 and a 10), 28( a 2 and a 8) and J4(Jack and 4). I find these cards, even when suited, have the lowest probability of making anything decent(2 par and up), and even when they do, someone usually makes a higher pair out of the over-card that generally shows up. Use your judgement, and watch the patterns of the deck.

Calling pre-flop, regardless of pocket Aces, or a 24( a 2 and a 4), will always set you up nicely for trapping your opponents. Keep and eye on their betting habits. If your using this system for hand-by-hand play, your opponent isn’t going to place you on anything, because pre-flop, your either limping in, or calling the minimum raise. Most people like to raise with big pocket-pairs, but I say this is a bad move, it lets people know right off the bat that you’ve got something big to open with. Moreover, for you to be totally good at playing Poker, you can visit and practice at ninjaqq. This website provides you great value to enhance your skills in playing online Poker.

Once the flop is on the board, you can then assess your situation. With a strong pocket pair, and no over-cards on the board, you’ll be safe in betting, if you happen to make Two Pair, or Three of a Kind, then it’s time to lay the bait. Depending on what your opponents are doing, you may want to take one of a few routes. If everyone is checking down the line, you may consider checking as well, or placing a small(minimum, or twice the minimum) “Feeler” bet, to size up where you stand. If you think you may have come-in pre-flop a bit too strong, a small feeler bet can also give you and idea of where you stand. If you checked, you can move on to the turn card, if you bet, your opponents may have called, raised or folded. If everyone called, it may be a sign that their waiting on a draw, or they have an over pair, or their strait-bluffing with a high card. If you was raised, size up the bet against your hand strength.

While 3 of a kind is strong, if your opponents got 4 out of 5 on a draw, you may find yourself drawing dead soon. Use your judgement, if you got three Aces, with the board showing Ace, King, Queen, you’ve put out your feeler bet, and they’ve raised it 3 to 5 times that amount, this may be your chance to get out with minimal loss. While the odds are against them holding Jack-10, they may be holding a Jack or a Ten, and waiting on one or the other. A risky, but sometimes more lucrative option, is to raise their bet by 3 times or, use the “All In”. Again, use your judgement, and keep track of the betting habits of your opponents.

No matter what you’ve done up to the Turn-Card, if you have a strong hand, this is the spot to bet. Something as small as a feeler bet here can win you the hand, without having anything. Again, as stated many times throughout this guide, use your judgement and the reads you’ve gotten from the better habits of your opponents. At this point, if you’ve got a strong hand, or if you feel you’ve got the Nuts, it’s time to build up the pot. Any bet you put out is going to be called or folded too, unless your opponent has a really strong hand, in which case you WILL be raised, and usually it’s just more than you should call.(I.E. they bet the pot, on a $3500 pot). If you feel your pot-committed here, I strongly urge you to only call whatever bet is out there, as you may be saving your own stack by doing so. If your bet happens to be the highest, that’s generally the sign of one of two things. Your opponent(s) are still waiting on a draw, or they’ve got a low-mid pair, and don’t believe you’ve got anything better than them.

The river, the last haven to make the best hand, and should you find yourself pot-committed, the last decision point. A lot of people are going to either bet a “Call-me” bet, because they have a good hand, but their not quite sure it’s the best, or their going to put you all in. If your pot-committed(75% or more of your stack) here, you may think you only have one real option, and that’s the all-in. You have to consider that someone with twice or three times your chip-stack is going to call you, regardless of what they have, simply because it’s been preached throughout the poker world that the River is the last place to fold. That’s simply not true. If you’ve been watching your opponents, and reading their betting patterns correctly, you may find that they got their draw, and your three-of-a-kind just isn’t holding water anymore.

If your starting the hand, and you’ve got a good, strong hand(3 of a kind or better) I strongly suggest you bet three times the minimum as your feeler bet, and adjust from there. A call will usually mean they’ve got a hand(regardless of strength), a raise is generally a sign of a strong hand. All-In signals one of three things. (1) your opponent feels their pot committed, and that’s their only option, (2) they lucked out, and got the draw, or (3) a complete bluff. Again, I stress, use your judgement, based on their betting habits and your hand strength. If you’ve called, or been called, it’s time to flip the cards over and see where you stand!

Always remember that diversity is key to keeping your hand unreadable, but following these steps, you should be able to raise your online poker game to a new level.

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