Are Online MMORPGs Worth for a Thrilling Time?


Short answer: Yes MMORPGS are worth your time. Long Answer: Yes, Massive Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Games are worth your time. Alright, I’ll be serious now. Aww, wait, please don’t leave yet.

MMORPGs, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (try saying that 3 times fast), are actually worth your time. Many people complain that so many people in society waste their lives infront of the computer. Teenagers, who are the majority age group that play video games, who play MMORPGs have been reported to spend 5 or 6 hours, sometimes even longer, playing MMORPGs every day. They start to become anti social, have weird eating habits and start to get sleeping disorders.

Sounds negative doesn’t it, but MMORPGs are actually good to play.Its as enjoyable with DominoQQ which adults love to play.Here’s why:

MMORPGs are fun. They are actually very fun, because you can interact with people across the net.It is also satisfying to see your character reach the next level, learning new skills and becoming ever increasingly stronger, and if you’re playing with friends and family, the fun factor increases by a ten fold. Because MMORPGs are so fun, they are great ways to relieve yourself from the stresses of work. But beware, don’t get too addicted. They get hooked on to it. It will always be there, waitinglike an obedient puppy, so you don’t need to spend hours and hours playing it every day.

We are all allowed to enjoy ourselves once in a while, and playing these online games is a great way to release ourselves from reality, which can sometimes be very stressing and very demanding. But always remember there is a life outside MMORPGs. Going out with friends, hosting a party, playing with your kids or even just talking the dog for a walk are always great options instead of playing MMORPGs.

When playing MMORPGs never ever get angry about the game.It will leave you grumpy and more stresses then before. Ultimately they are games, not your second life, and are there to entertain you and make you have fun.

If you do find yourself getting heated up when playing the game, go outside and take a break. Go watch a movie with your friends, and get yourself back into reality. It is nice to always adjust your mind and see how humane the players actually are.If you haven’t already joined the MMORPG craze, the first thing to decide is to whether to pay to play MMORPGs or play the Free to play ones. The pay to play games are almost definitely better than the free to play games, as they have more content, more support, better graphics (usually),better customization and a whole heap of other goodies. They generally cost around $15 a month,which if you think about it is around 7 bottles of coke. You can part with 7 bottles of coke for a whole month of stress relieving fun, cant you?

So MMORPGs are worth your time, you just have to remember to play in moderations.A few hours a week, 2 to 3 hours a day max, maybe more on the weekend. If you can prevent yourself from getting addicted, which might be hard sometimes, you bound to have plenty of fun playing MMORPGs. A good site to get started and see a whole list of some of the games you can play is

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