4 Tips To Optimize Gaming Quality On Android Phone


Nowadays playing games on phone is such a common activity. Be it racing or action-adventure or pkv games, almost every game in the market comes up with an Android version of the same. Android phones today are designed to run games without compromising on performance. Further there are additional ways to boost up gaming quality on your Android phone. You can follow the below tips to boost up your Android phone’s performance while gaming.

  1. Activate Android Developer options settings

Activating developer options on your Android phone can help improve your gaming performance. For this you need to search for the Force 4x MSSA option and enable it. Doing so drastically improves the performance of your Android device while gaming. However you must understand that activating this mode while gaming is an energy-consuming factor. So your device will likely be losing a lot of battery in the process.

  1. Turn off background apps and services

Social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc., tend to run in the background, thereby eating up a lot of RAM. These background-running apps also drain battery which in addition with your game can cause your device to heat up and turn off. You should ensure to turn off such apps in the background when you want to play games on your Android device.

  1. Boost your device performance using apps

There are several apps in the Android Play Store which are specifically created to boost device performance. Such boost apps only make changes temporarily, so your device returns back to normal default settings after playing game is over.

  1. Use gaming accessories

Although mobile gaming might not be as immersive as playing on gaming consoles, you can still enhance your gaming experience by using accessories like quality headphones. Small additions as these can take your Android gaming to a different level.

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